Our Story

IJN College is a post-basic college that provides higher education for healthcare personnel keen on pursuing specialist routes in the cardiovascular and cardiothoracic disciplines.

The College is an affiliate of Institut Jantung Negara Sdn. Bhd. and part of its role is to coordinate the clinical training functions of IJN Holdings.

IJN, since its inception has been conducting teaching and providing education to healthcare personnel. These professionals include cardiovascular technologists, angiographers, coronary care nurses, perfusionists, physiotherapists and many others. The training is conducted by clinicians and the allied health practitioners through classroom teaching and practical attachments.

To date approximately 2000 professionals have honed their skills at IJN and have gone on to hold responsible positions in various hospitals. Even without the conferment of proper awards, the training was acknowledged by institutional peers both in and outside the country.

In 2005, the decision was made to ‘formalize’ the training by giving it a more structured form. With this, the training would now include a strong foundational knowledge in the basic sciences and a distinct curriculum covering theory and practice, as well as a regulated assessment system.

Following a feasibility study by a consultancy firm, the College was subsequently registered.

What we offer

A post basic college provides higher education & clinical training for healthcare practitioner keen on pursuing specialist routes in cardiac care.

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