Mental Health Workshop 2018


 “Often times, good health is thought to be synonymous with good physical health. In reality, good health is a combination of physical and mental well-being, and is not simply the absence of diseases. The question is, how much do we know and understand about our mental health?

A good mental health is fundamental to our physical health, social relationship, and work productivity in achieving our potentials. However, when the demands placed on us exceed our resources and coping capabilities, our mental health will be adversely affected.”

With that, we are pleased to inform that IJN College, in collaboration with Counseling Department, has put in place a workshop on “No Health Without Mental Health” scheduled on Saturday, March 24, 2018. The workshop aims to provide participants with the opportunity to learn, understand and explore further about mental health and mental illness, a subject most of us will shy away from. It is the objective of this workshop to equip them with the basic knowledge and skills in dealing with patients who might be unknowingly suffering from mental health issues. 

We welcome Nurses, Front Liners and other allied healthcare professionals who come in close contact with patients to take this opportunity. The skills learnt can also be practiced on their own family members and friends.

Contact Person:

Safarina Mohd Salleh
Tel: +603 2600 6256
Fax: +603 2600 6226


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