Rooms for Training Session

Are you looking for a space for your event?


As a training provider, IJN College is committed to offer flexible training solutions that gives you the space, service, equipment and access to customise your training needs.

If you are looking to execute an effective training session, you have come to the right place.

Our rooms has professional and comfortable environment to suit your activities like discussion, sharing session, training, workshop, seminar and much more.

You can pick from several seating arrangements to suit all learning styles, from team building exercises to motivational speeches to presentations.

Each rooms are designed to facilitate learning and offer a training environment that is adaptable to your needs.

To meet your training demands, all training rooms are equipped with the following:-

Our training facility rentals include half day, one day and full time sessions. A package inclusive of flexible catering services is also made available. Any added equipment will be charged accordingly.

Rules and Regulation to be Adhered

  1. Security Deposit of 30% Prior confirmation with IJN College.
  2. The full payment should be done one week after the event completes.
  3. All cancellation must be reported at least seven (7) days working in advance, freeing rooms for other bookings. Cancellation of less than seven (7) days' notice will result in security deposit not refundable.
  4. Political events,illegal demonstration, or illegal assembly id strictly prohibited.
  5. The organizer should seeks permission from the college prior usage of personal any banner or buntings

Book your meeting / training venue now using the reservation form or speak to our admin advisor personnels as below:-

Click HERE for room reservation form

Administration Team:

Safarina (+603 2600 6256 |
Nur Hanis (+603 2600 6247 |
Nur Basyirah (+603 2600 6253 |

Fax: +603 2600 6226


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