Arts & Sciences of Mentoring Healthcare Professionals

Mentoring could be defined as giving support, assistance and guidance in learning new skills, adopting new behaviours and requiring new attitudeds (Jordon 2005), as well as the ability to stimulate reflection (Higgins and McCarthy, 2005) and hence promote learning.

This can reduce initial clinical shock, reality shock, and striking theory practice gap. A mentor assists someone through a transition phase in the learning experience, providing advice and supports as well as sharing their values and profesionalism.

Mentors are viewed as nurturing; they promote and encourage learning in the day to day experience and may guide and teach.The type and level of mentorship can be influenced by the learning environment and the level of competency to be achieved. Mentors serve as role models, and help fellow healthcare professionals who are novices to develop self-confidence.

They provide opportunities for networking, socializing, and career opportunities for their mentees.

Some of the characteristics of mentorship apart from role modeling are enthusiasm, a positive attitude, experience, and a willingness to spend ime with students. Mentors and mentees need to have an appreciation and acceptance of each other's idiosyncrasies. With good communication, honesty, and trust, mentorship relationships can be successful, healthy strong.

Mentors as well as institutions do benefit from this relationship.

From mentors, benefits include and included an increased access to educational programs, connection with the scientific basis of healthcare programs, recognition, job satisfaction, increased learning skills and potential career advancement.

For institutions, benefits include improved quality of care, increase in retention and commitment of nursing staff and retention of turnover and hence reduced costs.




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