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Name: A’liyah Binti Abdullah
Discipline: Peri-operative Nursing
Intake: 2014

The student feedback:


1)How do you find this programme benefit you in your job?

Definitely this programme help me a lot to gain knowledge, self-confidence during surgery and emergency case. I have learn many cases during my posting in OT IJN such as paediatric, valve surgery and other cardiothoracic cases


2) Did you find this programme a good opportunity for career advancement?

Absolutely yes, IJN is a place where you can learn a lot about heart and lung surgery care as well as post operation care.


3) In your opinion, how can this programme  further improve to fully meet the expectations of the organization?

From my opinion, my surgeon want me to be able to do a job as surgical assistant.


4) Other comments and suggestions?

My comment, it is better to include post-operation care in peri-operative nursing syllabus.



Organization Feedback
Organization: KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital


1) Has the student, in your opinion, met the original objectives of his/her work contract?



2) Has she/he shown an improvement in his/her knowledge and skills?



3) Is there any aspect of her/his performance that you would like to see improved further?

Yes. She can lead a team as a team leader and show the improvement of the team.


4) Other comments/suggestion:

Hope in the future, this programme will be benefited to other participants to maintain sterile and aseptic technique as an OT Personnel.







A post basic college provides higher education & clinical training for healthcare practitioner keen on pursuing specialist routes in cardiac care.

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