Intermediate English Level Program
This course is designed to assist participants to improve their basic communication skills in specific situations. During this course, participants will learn the secrets of communication pros including building personal credibility, delivering positive and negative feedback, improving listening skills, rephrasing for better relationships, dealing with difficult people, handling negative situations and more.

The Objectives
  1. To understand effective use of communication tools.
  2. To deliver constructive feedback and politely disagree
  3. To improve listening skills
  4. To enhance knowledge in grammar and vocabulary
  5. To describe the impact of body language on communication


Course Content

  1. 8 weeks (32 hours)
  2. Pre-test: 2 hours
  3. Post-test: 2 hours
  4. Interaction: 28 hours

Participants will immerse in hands-on experiential oral communication activities on:


  1. Communication skills are assessed through interaction and communication in real situation
  2. Listening is assessed through ability to understand opinion of speakers, etc.

Beneficial To

Clearks, General Staffs, Admision Staffs, Front Office Staffs,Telephone Operators and any individual who needs to improve Communication Skills.


Certificate of Attendance

Contact Person:

Nur Hanis Jamahuri
Tel: +603 2600 6247
Fax: +603 2600 6226


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