Introduction to Clinical ECG Seminar

Greeting from IJN College.

We are pleased to announce our 1 day Introduction to Clinical ECG Seminar to be held on Saturday 11th August 2018. ECG seminar was designed to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in ECG interpretation and critically identify the immediate intervention. This seminar pre prepares potential participants for the upcoming 3 months ECG Course scheduled in September 2018.


By the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

Target participants: Nurses & Allied Heatlhcare. Info & agenda is attached and kindly contact Ms.Vikinespari Nadarajah for further communication & enquiries.

Thanking you for your continous support and looking forward with ethusias for an overwhelming participation for this seminar.

downloadECG Seminar

Contact Person:

Vikinespari Nadarajah
Tel: +603 2600 6254
Fax: +603 2600 6226




A post basic college provides higher education & clinical training for healthcare practitioner keen on pursuing specialist routes in cardiac care.

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