ECG Symposium 2017

Greeting from IJN College.

It gives us great pleasure to announce our upcoming ECG Symposium 2017 on Saturday, 20th May 2017. IJN College will be conducting this symposium with the purpose of enrich participants’ knowledge with predictive accuracy and appropriate clinical applications of electrocardiography for evaluating patients with a wide variety of rhythm disorders. It provides a unique platform for participants to address current important themes, new insights and differential diagnosis in arrhythmias, ischemia and metabolic abnormalities.

We encourage and welcome participants who are doctors, nurses, general practitioners and Allied Healthcare Professionals to attend this symposium as their learning experiences and enhance capabilities.

We would like to express our gratittude to the respective speakers in optimizing the learning environment with advancement knowledge and experiences in their areas.

Thanking you for your continous support and looking forward with ethusias for an overwhelming participation for this symposium.

Contact Person:

Vikinespari Nadarajah
Tel: +603 2600 6254
Fax: +603 2600 6226

Safarina Mohd Salleh
Tel: +603 2600 6256
Fax: +603 2600 6226

Nur Hanis Jamahuri
Tel: +603 2600 6247
Fax: +603 2600 6226

Nur Basyirah Ismail
Tel: +603 2600 6253
Fax: +603 2600 6226





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